Adobe Creative Suite

How We Get Creative

Adobe Creative Suite is a software suite composed of several advanced tools made by Adobe that assist us with the web design process.  The designers, graphic artists and developers at Webwerx all are proficient with and use these Adobe tools to enhance our client’s websites.  Below are a few of the things we can do in Adobe Creative Suite. 

Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro allows us to create PDF Files for clients out of almost any type of document or image.

Adobe Photo Shop

Photoshop allows us to easily and quickly customize client and stock photos, create stunning backgrounds, banners, 3D images and other illustrations or create or edit logos and more.


InDesign allows us to create interactive PDF files for the web, or create digital content for apps (like for eBooks, or on-line magazines, social networks, etc).


While the majority of our work is WordPress, Dreamweaver is great web designing software that we still use from time-to-time.  Specifically we can create and test CSS3 and HTML5 in a separate environment before copying into WordPress themes.