About Us

A decade of experience working together.

With an extensive background in business to business sales and marketing, the Founders and Management Team at Webwerx Design have over a decade of experience working as a unit.  Together, we help business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and other important types of clients design effective websites.  Overtime, we have become a well organized, talented team of creative artists, smart developers and clever content strategists who work as a team to get the job done.

Our Philosophy

Partnering with clients to navigate the internet technology landscape.

Since the development of the Internet in the 90s, most business owners have eventually come to terms with the fact that they need a web presence to be able to compete and survive.  For most, it can be a great opportunity for growth and a large part of their business, yet technology is continually outpacing them.   Webwerx Design grew out of the idea that businesses don’t just need a web designer, they need a partner who will help them navigate the fast moving and complex internet technology landscape.   This is what we do best.  We get clients through the exciting, yet tedious process of web design by helping them understand the various website technologies, tools and trends, in easy-to-understand lingo.  We are also pretty good at presenting and following a streamlined process that makes it easier for clients to assist with content and design elements. 

Cost Containing Strategies

Fitting the needs of our client, and their budget.

Webwerx Design is continually staying abreast of the latest trends in technology and web design, and is able to offer clients effective cost-containing strategies that don’t just fit their needs, but doesn’t bust their budget either.  For example, we can integrate predesigned templates with predesigned functions that can be customized in a snap and are a lot less expensive than starting from scratch.  Also, when necessary for a more complex project, we work with experienced programmers and developers from around the globe who offer very competitive pricing.

Content Strategy

We have an effective collaborative process designed to help clients figure out what is and isn’t important when it comes to the message and look of their new website.

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