Content Strategy

Where to Begin

Whether it’s providing an important message, branding, or driving sales, a lot of our clients come to us with a very clear idea of the end result they desire – what they want to accomplish with their new website.  However, when it comes to the actual content of the new website, that is, what they want to say on their new website, they tell us they don’t really have any idea where to begin.

A primary focus of Webwerx is helping clients determine what they should say on their website to achieve their desired results and goals. 

Content strategy is important because it determines how all other elements in the website building process move forward, such as design, development and presentation amongst others.  To help us develop the most useful and compelling content for your site, we will take the following steps.

Needs Analysis

We will perform a thorough needs analysis which is uniquely designed to extract information that will help us determine your needs, based on your desired results and goals. 

Customized for your audience

In addition to your ideas, we will perform research and take a peek at what your most successful competitors are doing, so we can present you with additional options. 

Already know what you want on your website?

Of course, there are those clients who seem to have it all together and know exactly what they want on their new website.  We admire and love working for clients like you too!  Often, we are still of great assistance in many other aspects of the design and development of the website.