Integrating Technology and Content on One Platform

Nothing can be more frustrating for your clients than to experience links or functions on your website that are flawed, or worse, they don’t work at all.  Even the most well written, visually compelling web designs are nothing without intelligent engineering.  The development phase of web design brings together several technologies and integrates content, processes and applications on one single platform; a platform that is sustainable in an environment that is constantly changing and for the most part, generally unstable.  We are talking about the Internet.

Our developer works closely with the other team members (design and content) to determine the best technology(s) to achieve maximum functionality while containing costs.

We consider ourselves to be WordPress Plugin specialists, being pretty handy at customizing plugins and other HTML widgets, including WooCommerce and other ecommerce technologies to fit our clients’ needs.

We can also employ a host of cost containing strategies like utilizing a pre-designed theme or integrating popular third party APIs seamlessly into your website.  The end result is a user-friendly system that requires no special skills or coding to edit and maintain.


A few examples of third party APIs we can integrate into your new website are:

This listing is but a small portion of the 3rd Party Integrations available to us.
graphic part of constant contact logo
Constant Contact

Email Marketing Software

mail chimp graphic

Email Marketing Service

google maps graphic
Google Maps

Web mapping service

salesforce image

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

paypal logo graphic

Online Payment System

stripe logo

Online Payment Processor.


Credit Card Payment Gateway