Webwerx has built many types of websites for various industries.  We have mastered the art of understanding and treating each client as unique.

Not all clients are alike, therefore not all websites are alike! Just because a new prospective client may be impressed by a website we did for a similar company, it doesn’t mean we stray from our process. In fact, our Process is our strongest asset designed to flesh out our client’s unique business needs, i.e, their philosophy, goals, circumstances, in addition to industry, demographics, etc.

It may help us to have some knowledge of client’s industry when working for them, however, we believe a good web designer should be able to nail a site in any industry. Our process is designed to do just that.  

Following is a sampling of the types of industries we have served:

We are not a cookie-cutter shop, we mold each website to perfectly fit our clients, not the other way around.  




Medical or Scientific


Search Firms


For a list of the various types of websites we can build, CLICK HERE



Financial Services


Real Estate

Specialty Retail

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