Getting Started With Your New Website

Our Web Design Process begins with a no-cost consultation, in which we gather specific information about your project. We will ask you questions about the purpose and goals of the website, as well as questions about your industry, target audience and competitors.

Based on the consultation, we will then do some preliminary planning to determine what your project will entail, based on content and functionality requirements.  

Next we will present you with a cost and timeline proposal.  When you decide to move forward, a 50% deposit will be required to schedule your project.   Your project will be scheduled based on the date of the deposit.  

As a small firm, we recommend making your deposit as soon as possible as we typically schedule projects two to six weeks out.

Preliminary Design & Home Page Layout – 1 to 2 weeks

To be completed based on consultation of website needs. The proposed home page will not only show you design style and theme coloring, but will also give you a very good idea of the content for the entire site, as it is a "glimpse" and "roadmap" to services and elements designed to compel visitors to action. Once completed, clients are given access to the proposed design via our draft studio.

Design Revisions – 2 days to 1 week

Timing here can vary and may actually go much longer than one week.  It really depends on client feedback, and how many rounds of revisions are requested.

Development of Additional Pages and Content – 2 to 3 weeks.

To be completed based on initial consultation of website needs, and continual collaboration, when needed, between client and consultant. During this phase, we also develop the core PHP files for the website which determine many of the design elements of the website, such as menus, footers, blog styling, form styling, and much more.

Review and Editing of Content, and, Testing of Forms and other Functionality, etc. – 2 to 3 weeks.

This timeline may be extended if we are also installing special Plugins (additional functionality). Time can also vary greatly depending on the availability of client.

Launch of Website – 1 week.

With your final, written approval that all edits are complete, functionality is awesome, and you are ready to publish your new website under your URL (domain name or web address), we will send you your final invoice. The final invoice will include the balance on the web design fee and any additional expenses incurred, to date, on your behalf. This final invoice will be required to be paid in full before we begin this phase. Once payment is received, we will immediately transfer your new website to your preferred hosting and URL!  If you are hosting with us, we will transfer your existing or establish your new web address under our hosting, or we will simply point your domain to our hosting, depending on your preference.

Future Updates and Maintenance

WordPress sites and the other types of our websites we build require expertise to initially design and set-up. However, once completed, customers are able to easily add and update content on their own. Still, most clients find the task daunting and hire us as their Webmaster. As your Webmaster, we will make all minor future edits and updates for you, based on your request. We also routinely perform upgrades as new versions of the website software, various Plugins, extensions or widgets become available. Note, it is extremely important to stay up-to-date with the latest versions of any web building software to ensure your website continues to function properly. Simple updates to your web site are completed within 2-3 business days. Larger changes can take up to 1 week or more, and may require an additional fee, depending on your exact needs.