WordPress Plugins

Visit our web page on WordPress to know that alone, it is an awesome platform to build elegant, clean professional websites.  However, if you need specific function or feature on your site not already built into the main WP theme, WordPress is designed to integrate easily with additional functionality, known as WP Plugins

You can think of a Plugin as a separate piece of software (written in PHP) that speaks to your website and commands it to perform a certain function.  What type of function?  With more than 50,000 Plugins available, there are far too many functions to list, but if you can imagine it, there is probably a Plugin that exists for it.


A WP Plugin is an exceptional cost containing tool.

Plugins save our client’s money as they eliminate the need to hire a developer to make the website do something, and sometimes, pretty complex tasks.

WordPress Plugins are available from several sources.  Some are free, some are available for a nominal price. The most popular and official source for WordPress Plugins is

Need your website to perform a specific function?  Just let us know and we will search for the right Plugin for you. 

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