Brainwash Education

I love my site! It does what I need it to do and looks like I want it to look!

Project Info

Client Brainwash Education
Client Feedback The Webwerx team has more than exceeded my expectations. They listened to my needs and created a website that did what I needed it to do and looked the way I wanted it to look. As a college instructor my students needed better access to lectures, class assignments, and the ability to test online. The development team was able to create all of this in a functional, creative and beautiful web design. The student’s response to the site has been amazing. The amount of effort required to track and control the assignments is minimal because of the intelligent way the back office was setup.
Tags Employment, Information, Online School, Website Customization, WP Plugins

Project Description

Consult.  Client was a referral that wanted to take his very basic cosmetology website to the next level by allowing his students to take courses online that complimented and assisted his classroom teaching. He wanted his website to cover all aspects of the business, from learning the necessary skills, online quizzes and practice final exams to assist his students in passing the final state exam.  He also wanted to take it even one step further by giving his students a few tips and tricks from people in the industry and showing what working in the business is really like and what owning your own salon really means.

Solution:  We chose to customize a WordPress theme that already included online classroom elements to give this client all the functionality that he needed as quickly and inexpensively as possible. By customizing a commercial theme and using additional plugins, we were able to:

  • create an online school environment
  • include video lessons
  • accept student assignments online
  • create chapter quizzes with notifications of results immediately
  • track student progress and display statistics
  • messaging system for students
  • allow setup of forum discussions
  • and much more

We were even able to include a job management section similar to job boards that will allow our client to continue helping his students obtain jobs after passing the final exam.

Update:  Steve is so happy with his site that he has invited complimentary courses from other instructors and is in the process of adding an entire new course for Barbers.