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Project Info

Client Castle Group Health Inc.
Tags Branding and Marketing Site, Informational Site, Medical, WordPress ReDesign, WP Plugins

Project Description

Consult:  Castle Group Health, Inc. is a  health benefit and insurance consultancy.  This insurance firm is not your typical small-town neighborhood agent.   Licensed in 22 states, they are very well known.  That’s because they run a top-notch social media campaign, including hosting a very popular blog, Mr. Health, and having an active Twitter feed.  They also employ advertising tools such as Google Ad Words and even run TV/online commercial ads during insurance annual open enrollment.  Castle Group Health contacted us because they needed a modern website that was more in-line with the rest of their prominent on-line image.

Solution:  In addition to wanting the site to be current and professional looking, the owner asked us to incorporate their existing company logo and stay within the company color scheme, which are bold blues and red.  After going through our consulting process with the client and researching the industry, we understood the client’s philosophy very well.  We designed a site that not only “nailed” the company message, but exceeded Castle Group’s expectations.  The owner commented when reviewing for first time, “I’m liking what I’m seeing – you do good work.”  Note, one of the best compliments we can receive is repeat business.  This client has recently hired us to build multiple websites for them, for future insurance related projects.

We used some very nifty WordPress tools and Plugins to make the Castle Group Health site functional, especially for the client’s industry (insurance).  Of course, our designer worked along side of our developer to ensure the site was also visually compelling.  Here are some details of what we did:

Home/Landing Page

  • The latest WordPress Plugins we were used to display Castle Group’s various social media elements – the blog, the Twitter feed, Facebook and more.   Plugins were also used to embed Castle Group’s third party value add elements, like industry news feeds.  Lastly, we used plugins to add some really cool looking social share buttons.
  • We installed a “sticky button,” Plugin, a new wave in web design, for Quoting Tools that now float up and down the website, on every page, when a visitor scrolls.  Following this same concept, we used this technology to give the site a “shrinking menu” that also floats up and down the page, however, it actually shrinks to avoid covering up the content it is scrolling over.
  • Sometimes when a company is challenged with selling similar, but slightly different, services or products to different audiences, (in this case employers and Individuals) it can be difficult to design a home page that speaks to both of those audiences effectively.  Following is how we met that challenge head on:
    • Revolution Slider – a professional looking wide-screen rotating gallery, displaying carefully selected stock industry photos with limited text (taglines) that effectively illustrated products and services to each audience.
    • Well written company introduction/welcome screen using large titles/sections.
    • Hover tools that allow images to serve a dual purpose – conveying a message visually and with text.

Products/Services Page(s)

  • Bold Title Bar
  • Every page (and there were many of them) intelligently organized and designed with headers, carefully selected imagery geared to engage and educate visitors, in addition to prominent call to actions on every page.
  • Toggles (or Accordians) are a very useful WP tool we used to educate our client’s visitors on various health insurance policies and laws, allowing us to include a lot of material, without looking too crowded or busy.

Additional Features and Content we provided:

  • Fillable PDF (industry Census form)
  • Several user-friendly quote sections, laid out carefully to compel visitors to action and being paired with carefully selected stock photos.
  • Various insurance industry website disclaimers