Do you help with content for my website?

Yes. As your website designer, we believe it is our job to assist you in finding the right wording and context for your unique needs. That’s why we have developed an effective collaborative process designed to help clients figure out what is and isn’t important when it comes to the message and look of their new website.

Our goal is to build websites that hold the visitors’ attention, while being professional looking, easy to navigate, functional, helpful and informational. And, most importantly, we strive to design websites that achieve our client’s desired results.

For more information visit our page on Content Strategy.

Content Strategy

What is your process and how long will it take to complete my website?

If you decide to move forward after a no-cost consultation, a 50% deposit will be required to schedule your project. Your project will be scheduled based on the date of the deposit. As a small firm, we recommend making your deposit as soon as possible, as we typically schedule projects two to six weeks out. Once your project is in full swing, you’ll have the majority of our attention until completed.

The typical web design timeline can vary greatly between 4 to 12 weeks, based on different factors.

For more information visit our page on Milestones for a detailed breakdown the web design process and timeline.


Can I monitor the progress of the work?

Yes. Once the preliminary design is completed (within first two weeks of process), you will be given access to view the site through our draft studio hosting, to offer comments and suggestions. After that, feel free to contact us anytime by email or phone with your questions or comments until the website is completed and live.

Will visitors be able to view my site in various browsers such as IE, Google Chrome, etc, as well as from their iPads, Notebooks and other mobile devices?

Yes, we build Responsive sites. A Responsive site is one that cannot only be viewed properly in the most popular various browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE, etc.), but will also be properly viewed on most mobile phones, adjusting the layout of content to better fit the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

It’s important to note that our sites are only compatible with the most recent versions of the various browsers and devices, and only stay current through regular maintenance and updates.

Please see our page on Hosting and Webmaster services for more details.

Webmaster Services

After the website is finished, and I have changes that need to be made, what is the protocol? Can I edit the site myself?

Yes, clients are given access to login to hosting files and the administration panel (for editing) once the site is complete. Most websites are easily maintained and edited by the client, once it is all set up and launched (made public).

From time to time, Webwerx will make some changes as requested by Customer which shall be included in the original cost of the website and include:

  • Unlimited changes – typographical errors or errors that violate copyright or Internet laws.
  • Any other changes or addition of pages will be made upon determination of an agreed upon price by both parties, at customary and reasonable rates.

If a client hosts the website with us (we are the Webmaster), the following services are included in our annual hosting fee:

  • Regular maintenance and WordPress updates to keep the website functioning at maximum level.
  • Unlimited changes – typographical errors or errors that violate copyright or Internet laws or customer’s industry laws.
  • Unlimited changes – name, address, phone, contact additions or changes or other changes of this nature.
  • Uploading of monthly newsletters or forms.
  • Any other major changes or addition of pages that include further design and copy write will be made upon determination of an agreed upon price by both parties, at customary and reasonable rates.

Note: To guarantee that your website is always functioning properly and viewable in various browsers and on certain mobile devices, it is extremely important to update your website as new versions are released by WordPress.

Please see our page on Hosting and Webmaster services for more details.

Webmaster Services

Do you provide SEO services (Search Engine Optimization)?

Yes. However, we are first and foremost Web Designers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be considered a separate specialization, that attempts to increase rankings and web recognition through page optimization (key words and phrases), Yahoo, Google or Bing ads/listings, Blogs and other digital marketing and/or social media, and, also through customized mobile apps.

Now that you understand what SEO is in the broad sense, you may understand better when we say that Webwerx can help you with many of the basic SEO elements.

For more information, please see our page on SEO.

SEO Services

Do you provide Social Media services.

Yes. While Webwerx is not a full-blown digital marketing company, we do however provide valuable services that assist clients with establishing Social Media accounts, like setting up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, as well as others. We can also assist you with starting or writing a Blog.

For more information, see our page on Social Media.

Social Media

Do you provide hosting? Email? Can I host the site wherever I want?

Yes, we do providing hosting. However, clients are free to host with a vendor of their choosing, as long as the hosting company provides the necessary environment for the website.

Our hosting is very stable and is provided through well-known third party vendors. We believe our hosting fees are reasonable and not only include a certain amount of email accounts, but also include very valuable Webmaster services.

For more information, see our page on Hosting and Webmaster Services.

Hosting and Webmaster Services

Do you accept both checks and credit cards?

Yes. We accept checks electronically, and we also take credit cards. We use PayPal as our merchant, so you can also pay us with your PayPal account, OR with a credit card if you do not have a Paypal account.

How do I get started?

Call us at (800) 494-8854 or fill out our Web Design Analysis form below. You can also visit out contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in getting your new website up on the World Wide Web soon. 

Web Design Analysis Form

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