Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be considered a separate specialization, other than web design.  SEO attempts to drive sales through increased rankings and web recognition, which is achieved by several different methods.  The most popular being page optimization (key words and phrases), Yahoo, Google or Bing listings and ads, Blogs and other digital marketing and/or social media, and, also through customized mobile apps. 

Organic - Page Optimization99%
Paid ads and listings80%
Social Media80%
Mobile Apps60%

Understanding SEO in the broad sense allows you see how Webwerx can assist you in increasing your web traffic by providing the basic SEO elements.

First, WordPress (WP) sites are already known for making the search engines happy (meaning you may naturally rank higher) because it is very structurally stable – the coding is done the right way. 

WP is also SEO friendly because it is very easy to create keyword-rich URL titles and optimize meta-tag information. 

Additionally, there are plenty of highly rated WP SEO Plugins that, besides helping you with sitemaps, social media integration and lots of other SEO elements, they also help you focus on meaningful content by performing page analysis.  Overall, SEO Plugins show you of all the steps you need to take and settings you need to enable in WP to optimize your search engine rankings.

Did you know that over 90% of all traffic on the internet is originated by search engines?

Organic Search

With unique meta descriptions and strategic top-performing industry keyword placement, we use techniques proven to boost organic traffic.


We’ll set up advanced tracking systems on your website like Google Analytics and others to help measure the success of your marketing efforts.

WordPress Plugins

We install and implement SEO Plugins that go the extra mile in making sure your content is optimized, while taking care of all the technical aspects of SEO.

Social Media

We will set up and/or link your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn to your website.