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If you are not using Social Media for your business, then you are missing out on the latest and possibly the best way to reach your target audience. 

It’s a fact, Social Media increases sales. That’s because your target audience is on-line, on Social Media. There are ONE Billion users on Facebook, ONE Million users on LinkedIn and a couple hundred million active Google+ Accounts.  Let’s not forget about Twitter with more than ONE Billion visits to sites that display embedded Tweets on them.  In fact, if someone can’t find you on Social Media, it could actually hurt your on-line image, even if you have a killer website. 

With the explosion of Social Media, people are turning to it to find products and services more than any other way. For the business owner, that means learning and mastering the art of a brand new enterprise.  That’s where Webwerx can help.  

Our Social Media Set-Up services are offered exclusively to our web design clients.  Click the toggles below to see what each service covers:

Social Media Account Set Up & Profiles

We'll take care of the hard part for you!


  • Set Up Your Facebook account, profile and unique, permanent Facebook URL. Includes short organizational description, full address info, location on map, phone number, contact email address, and website address.
  • Using your website as a theme, we’ll create a custom landing page that includes your website photos and logo, as well as main philosophy and branding
  • Provide hands-on training while creating and uploading first two to three posts
  • Email and phone support
  • For an additional fee, we can install a Twitter feed, Video or Newsletter Sign Up Integration (Constant Contact, MailChimp or other API)

Compelling facts about Facebook
Facebook is considered by many to be the world’s most popular website. It boasts over a billion users whose average visit lasts about an hour. The goal with a Facebook post is to have it shared and liked by your friends, and your friends’ friends, ultimately introducing you and your services to new friends. Facebook offers businesses additional services like boosting a postor creating adsfor your page that reach more of an audience and promote your website. Including your Twitter handle or feeds, or Google+ page in your Facebook account is a great way to cross-promote your services and potentially go viral. Call us for more information.


  • Set Up Your Twitter account, with short organizational bio, website address, email address, and well as unique email address to use for account.
  • Create and upload header/logo image with your preferred profile picture
  • Provide hands-on training while creating and uploading first two to three tweets
  • Email and phone support

Compelling facts about Twitter
Twitter is similar to blogging, only in much smaller doses, as your posts are limited to 140 characters or less. Twitter is unique to other social media venues, as followers are more likely to follow and read Tweets from users they are not already familiar with. That makes it great way to target a new customer base.

With approximately 320 million active users, Twitter has more than 100 million logins a day and more than 500 million tweets a day. Twitter accredits a billion unique website visits to Twitter feeds.


  • Setup your Personal and Company Profile, focusing on optimal image, brand and keywords that drive traffic to your profile.
  • Upload bio photos, company logo and other company information (size, type), address, contact information, and web address.
  • Provide hands-on training demonstrating how employees can link to your profile, how to join LinkedIn Groups related to your industry and how to seek and make connections and gain referrals. We’ll even show you how to search for talent for your company.

Compelling facts about LinkedIn
To be successful on LinkedIn, it’s about image, brand and especially – who you know (your Connections and Groups). Profiles are more like an on-line CV that demonstrates strong experience and knowledge in your industry. Thus links or posts that speak to your success, i.e., awards, presentations, success stories and case studies, are ideal.

LinkedIn is vital for B2B companies and sales professionals, which includes employment agencies, recruiting firms, consulting firms, group or individual health agents and other financial, insurance and risk management professionals.


  • Help you set up personal Gmail account, if you don’t have one already.
  • Set up your Google Page (and Google Local Page if you have physical address, so your business appears on Google map), selecting the business type page that best fits your business and services, and creating a custom URL for the page to optimize SEO.
  • Add your contact information, along with links to your website and other social media platforms.
  • Complete your profile, including uploading a profile picture, a cover photo, a tagline and a keyword-rich introduction.
  • Hands on training while creating content and making it public so you can share, share, share. And, we’ll even help you join a Google Community as a brand.

Compelling facts about Google+
If you are thinking there are too many social media venues for you to handle, the Google+ platform may be the most important one to consider. With more than 200 Million active accounts, some professionals say that it is the “most active social network” and a “phenomenal tool for human connection.”

Google+ has layers and layers of ways to connect to your target audience through content (photos, videos, posts, hangouts, etc.), and because your content becomes Google content, it’s great for SEO. In fact they have a excellent tool for using hashtags in your posts that automatically indexes your content with similar content. Members have the option of rating you a +1, which drives up your rankings as well.

Google+ is especially good for those who are interested in using Google Ad Words, as your ad is more likely to be viewed if it has been reviewed and endorsed by Google+ member.

For a business, Forbes says Google Communities and Hangouts are two of the best things about Google+, because they are formed around common interests and allow members to hold group meetings, discussions, or demonstrations in real time.


Social Media is here to stay and it affects everything!  Business, Education, Job Market, Politics, News and more.

GO VIRAL - a picture is worth a thousand words - could not be more true in Social Media.
INFLUENCE - deliver niche and personalized content to the right prospects.

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