More than 75 Million Websites are built using WordPress Technology

A full-fledged content management system considered one of the best.


And then, more options!

We’ve all seen the ads on TV – get your website for just $1 a month. How do they do that? They sell you one of a dozen standard templates and then make you learn and upload your own content, only after bombarding you with additional services they want to sell you. Ultimately, many of these clients have come to us asking if we can take over because they just don’t have the time, let alone any idea where to begin with content.

To be honest, most clients don’t really care about the technology we use to build their website, as long as the site looks good and functions well.  However, we believe part of our job is helping clients to understand why they should care.  We simply tell them the basics – the most useful facts about WordPress that explains why we use WordPress, almost exclusively, for our client’s websites.

What is WordPress?

It's not just for blogging anymore.

You may have heard that WordPress is mainly for blogging.  Well, that was over 10 years ago. Today, WordPress has evolved into a full-fledged content management system, and is one of the most popular website softwares, with more than 75 million sites built. WordPress isn’t owned by any one company or developer, it is an “open source” website building software that was built by hundreds of top web developers (volunteers) across the globe.  It continues to be improved constantly with many updates (all free by the way).

Endless Beauty, Endless Functionality, Endless Savings

There are thousands of WordPress themes (designs) and WordPress Plugins (functionality) available.  Many themes and plugins are free, and some are sold for a nominal price – like $20 to $100.  A good designer begins with a theme and customizes it with well written content, carefully selected graphics, and Plugins that best fit their client’s needs.  Simply put, WordPress gives you the flexibility to create just about any look and function you can think of.  And, since WordPress is built using fully tested code, designers are not reinventing the wheel.  This equates to a savings of significant time and money, all passed on to the client. 

Following are more reasons we care about WordPress, and especially why you should too!

WordPress is User Friendly

Setting up WordPress can be complicated, but once complete, navigating the system and maintaining is very easy.  Clients can add and edit content without any special web design skills.  In fact, it’s considered one of the easiest websites to maintain by you, the end-user.

WordPress is Secure

WordPress sites have a team of security experts around the world who work to stay ahead of the hackers.  Best of all, the software updates that keep the core safe from attacks are constant, free and easy to implement!

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress themes are coded the right way, which makes them very SEO friendly right from the start.  With WordPress you can create keyword-rich URL titles and organic page content that is just adored by Google’s search criteria (algorithm).  Additionally, there are many effective WordPress Plugins that help maximize SEO without hiring an expert.

WordPress is Responsive

A Responsive site is one that naturally ranks higher in the search engines because it works right in any browser (Chrome, Firefox and IE, etc.).  Most importantly, it is also displayed properly on most mobile phones, iPads, Notebooks and other tablets.  This is extremely important considering that most people browse the internet on their phones or other smaller, similar devices.  In a responsive site, the content is actually adjusted to better fit the screen it is being viewed from.

Got a question about WordPress?  Please visit our Q&A page to leave your question and we will respond promptly.